Since 2012, Donner has been committed to creating new experiences in music and performance. This is what drove Donner as a pioneer of the mini pedals, which brought the joy of musical performance to many people all over the world.

Young, but full of vitality and innovative spirit, dedicated to the research, manufacture and sale of musical instruments, especially guitar effect pedals.

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Relying on a strong and efficient R&D team, Donner has gradually become famous for its high-quality and affordable musical instruments and accessories. Our musical instruments reflect your ideas and values. Just make your own music with Donner, now and in the future.

Electric guitar
Our Slogan: Creat your moment.

The founders of Donner love music and are interested in all kinds of music. Therefore, Donner was established in 2012 after research, and began to sell online, such as piano, drum, guitar, pedal, ukulele, etc. Donner’s exclusive mini guitar effect pedals can make your sound much more special, interesting and fantastic. We believe that playing musical instruments will make people happy. Equipped with our high-quality beginner or professional instruments, you can easily start your musical journey.

Our Goal: Make you satisfied.

We attach great importance to products and services. As we all know, good customer relations are very important. If you have any feedback on our products and services, we will be glad to hear from you.

Electronic drum set
Our Brand

At present, we have four brands, namely DonnerEastarMoukey and Reditmo, covering a wide range of products.

Donner: Keyboard, electric drum, guitar, effect pedal, ukulele, mandolin, amplifier, DMX wireless, etc.

Eastar: Violin, wind Instrument such as recorder/trumpet/Harmonica/flute, children’s drums, etc.

Moukey: Microphone, headphone, tongue Drum, party light, etc.

Reditmo: Products for kids.

Donnerdeal US

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